-A Natural and Historically Treasured Area-


Garrison School is located alongside the rippling waters near the mouth of Kinniconick (Lower Kinney) in the town of Garrison, Kentucky.  (Less than a mile from the school, Kinniconick empties into the Ohio River.) Most of the students attending Garrison School reside along or near some part or tributary of Kinney.


Dr. William M. Talley has published numerous articles about Lewis County and states: “Kinniconick Creek is a stream that Lewis Countians can rightfully be proud of because of its beauty and relatively natural and unpolluted condition.  It is equal in beauty to any of the state’s natural bridges, caves, and forests that have been set aside as parks and scenic areas to be perpetually preserved. 


Kinney, as it is called locally, is a long and winding stream that has been known for generations as a favorite fishing and camping area.  The stream flows through a number of small communities and the residents who live along its banks generally break it down geographically into three sections: Upper Kinney, Middle Kinney and Lower Kinney.  It is relatively unpolluted from chemical waste and there are no towns or industries located along its banks, or its small tributaries, and very little organic or raw sewage is dumped into the stream, except the run-off from a few sawmills and cattle feeding lots.  When this stream is compared to many others throughout the country, it can easily be recognized as having a natural beauty and charm that is quite unspoiled and is rare in these days.  It should be high on the list of natural and historical sites that must be preserved.”


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